How to create multiboot USB drive on Linux

How to install Ventoy

  • Download Ventoy

You can download the latest release from this link:

  • Extract it

Open your file-manger, and right click on the compressed file, and choose Extract archieve here, autodetect subfolder from Extract

Extract archieve
  • Open VentoyGUI.x86_64 to load the graphical user interface of Ventoy.
Open VentoyGUI

There are 3 binaries to open the application:

  • VentoyGUI.aarch64 is for ARM64 CPU.

  • VentoyGUI.i386 is for Intel / AMD 32bit CPUs.

  • VentoyGUI.x86_64 is for Intel / AMD 64bit CPUs.

How to install Ventoy to your USB stick

  1. Open Option menu, and select either MBR, or GPT from Partition Style based on the partition system of you hard disk.
Partition Style
Older machines use MBR partition-style and BIOS firmware, but modern machines use GPT partition-style, and UEFI firmware.
Some machines support both MBR and GPT partition-styles, and it is called UEFI Hybrid, but it is adviceable to choose either Legacy / BIOS or UEFI Native from Boot Mode, or you will end with unbootable machine after choosing UEFI Hybrid.
  1. Insert your USB stick, then press Refresh button if it does not appear under Device list, and press Install button to start the installation process.
  1. You will get a warning about formating you USB stick, press OK to continue.
Installation warning
  1. Wait until the installation is done, and you will see a message like this:
  1. Copy all ISO files you want to boot to the partition named ventoy on your USB stick.
ISO images

After copying all your ISO files, reboot your machine, and boot from your USB stick, and you will find all the ISO files you copied earlier in the boot menu.

Boot menu
Important tips
  • Here is the list of all tested ISO files that you can boot using Ventoy

  • If you choose an ISO image from the list, and you end up with a black screen, press Enter from the keyboard multiple times, then wait for a few seconds.

How to update Ventoy to a newer version

  1. Open Ventoy using the binary downlaoded from Ventoy’s Github repo

  2. Two numbers will appear in the screen, Ventoy In Package will be higher in number than Ventoy In Device, click Update to start the updating process.

  3. A message like this will appear, press OK to continue.

  4. Wait until the updating process is done, and you will see a message like this:


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