How to update Ubuntu to a new release

Important notes before we start
  • This tutorial works on Ubuntu or any Ubuntu-based Linux distros like: Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, elementary OS, Zorin OS, KDE neon, Linux Lite, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, and more.

  • It is recommended to take a backup of your Linux distro before you start just incase something went wrong.

Type this command in the terminal, and press enter:

sudo do-release-upgrade

then scroll down to the end, and press y then enter from the keyboard


After a few seconds a message will appear, press enter to continue


A new message will apprear, press y to continue

The update process takes quite some time, so you need to wait untill it is completely finished, and do not close the terminal, or you will break your system.

After everything is updated a new message will appear prompting you to remove unnecessary packages, press y then enter.


Now, everything is done, press y then enter to restart your machine.


After restarting your machine, open Software Sources by typing this command in the terminal:

sudo software-properties-qt

Go to Other Software, and check every entry starts with disabled on upgrade to impish except the ones that end with (Source Code) as you see in this picture:


Press Close

A new message like this will appear

Press Reload


If you got an error like that


Select the entry causing the error, and press Edit…

Image10 Image11

Change Distrubution from impish to the older one hirsute, then press OK

  • impish is the codename for Ubuntu 21.10

  • hirsute is the code name for Ubuntu 21.04

  • groovy is the code name for Ubuntu 20.10

  • focal is the code name for Ubuntu 20.04

  • bionic is the code name for Ubuntu 18.04

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