How to convert BIN / CUE to ISO on Linux

This article was last updated on 2021-08-16, the content may be out of date.

Install Bchunk

Ubuntu-based Linux distros

Open the package manager installed on your Ubuntu-based Linux distro, and search by the name bchunk, or you can install it from the terminal by typing this command:

sudo apt install -y bchunk

How to convert BIN to ISO

Bchunk is a command line utility that can only be used from the terminal.

Open the terminal, and type these commands:

cd /location/to/the/source/files
bchunk -v source-filename.bin source-filename.cue target-filename

If the file extension is in capital letters, you need to write it the same way

bchunk -v source-filename.BIN source-filename.CUE target-filename

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