How to use Protondb website

What is Protondb

After the announcement of SteamPlay / Proton, the community decided to invent a way to report how Steam games run under Proton, and at first they made an excel sheet that users could use to add reports about their tested games, then after a little while, they created an interactive website with more advanced tools »

How to login to protondb

After you enter the website, on the left side you can find an icon to change language, and another icon to Sign in through STEAM that you can use it to get a preview of all games on your Steam Library.

  1. Press on Sign in through STEAM, and you will get this login page:
Sign in through Steam picture1
  1. Enter the Username, and password of your Steam account
Sign in through Steam picture2
  • Do not worry, your Steam login credentials will not be shared with the website, only the public information about your profile are shared.

  • Before doing the previous steps, you have to go to your profile settings, and make sure that your profile, and game details are set to public from Privacy Settings

Steam Privacy Settings
  • I tested Firefox, and it does not log in successfully, so if you have the same issue, try another browser like Chromium, Vivaldi, or Brave.

How to show reports about your games

  1. Login in to the website using your Steam account by following these steps » [[link]](#how to login to protondb “How to login to protondb website”)

    Then you will be redirected to this page »

  2. Click on By ProtonDB rating to list all your games sorted by rating.

Protondb Profile Page

Proton has 5 ratings for games: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Borked, this picture explains them:

Rating definitions

How to add new reports to protondb

  1. Login in to the website using your Steam account by following these steps » [[link]](#how to login to protondb “How to login to protondb website”)

    You will be redirected to this link »

  2. Scroll down to System Information.

  3. Open Help (menu), then pick System Information

Steam System Information picture1
  1. Right click inside, and select Copy all text to clipboard
Steam System Information picture2
  1. Go back to and paste the text you copied
  2. Visit this link »
  3. Enter the name of the game in your library, then press Next.
  4. Choose the type of report: SteamPlay Report, or Tinker Report, then press Next.
Protondb Report Page
  1. Choose SteamPlay Report for the games that work out of the box without any tweaks, but choose Tinker Report for games that requires some tweaks to work.

  2. Answer all the following questions by choosing Yes, or No, then press Next

  3. After answering all questions, press SUBMIT

How to search for a game in protondb website

Up next to the logo of the website you can find an input box

Protondb Search Box
  1. Press inside the input box to activate it

  2. Enter the name of the game you want to search for it

  3. Press Enter from the keyboard

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