How to Use Proton GE

This article was last updated on 2021-01-13, the content may be out of date.

What is Proton GE

Proton-GE is an unofficial build of Proton that provides the latest releases of vanilla WINE. It has FFmpeg enabled for FAudio by default, and all of Proton’s patches ported over to be applied to WINE, as well as Wine-staging and VKD3D. It also contains extra patches that is not available for Proton like the problematic Media Foundation fixes.

More information can be found in this link »

How to install Proton GE

You can download the latest Proton GE release from this link »

How to install Proton GE
  1. Create compatibilitytools.d directory under ~/.steam/root if it does not exist.

  2. Extract the compressed file that you downloaded earlier to this location:


  1. Close Steam, and open it again.
You must have Wine, and Winetricks installed on your system.

How to use Proton GE

  1. Right-click on the game you want to use Proton GE with, and pick properties.
How to use Proton GE picture1
  1. Choose COMPATIBILITY (1)
    Tick Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool (2), then pick the version of Proton GE you want to use from the list (3), and close this window.
How to use Proton GE picture2
If you want to know how to use Proton-GE outside of Steam, check this tutorial » [link]

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